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milk and dairy

Customized solutions
in a wide range of capacities

Customized pasteurization lines for cheese, fresh milk, fermented products, cream, full automatic version with CIP on board

Raw milk
reception stations
and storage tanks

Compact flash pasteurization lines for small-middle capacities, for drinking milk, fermented products, cheese

Platform based
ready-to-go units

Powder milk recombination plants

UHT plants complete of tubular sterilizer, separator, homogenizer and deodorizer

UHT plants complete of plate sterilizer, deodorizer, aseptic tank and sterile system

Different automation grades
available, from manual to full
automatic plant

Pasteurization lines complete of bacteria clarifier, cream separator and automatic standardizer

Ripening tanks
for cream
and yoghurt

Plate heat
of own

Full range of CIP plants, from small manual to big full automatic units

All machines
and lines are hot tested
in our factory before

Cream pasteurization, enrichment and ripening systems

Cheese vats
and complete
cheese and
pasta filata
production plants

Flocculators for ricotta production


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