Plants for treating raw milk.

The main production sector of Pietribiasi Michelangelo S.r.l. is the plants and machines for the treatment of raw milk and its transformation into drinking milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, fermented products and others.

point Reception and storage.

For the reception and storage of fresh milk, the company offers, based on the requirements of the project, cooling tanks or lines composed of a litre counter plant, plate cooler and storage tanks. The latter can be single wall or isolated; buffer tanks, also in the ultra-clean version are available.

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point Milk recombination.

Mixing plants of all capacities are available for milk powder recombination.

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point Pasteurization, separation and homogenization.

Core business of the company; the heat treatment of milk is carried out with pasteurization plants (pasteurizers), which are customized as this procedure varies according to the capacity (litres an hour, l/h) and the end use of the product (HTST fresh milk, ESL ultra-pasteurized milk, milk for cheese and milk for yoghurt).
Based on the customer’s requirements, it is possible to connect in a line the centrifugal separator (or skimmer) for milk titration, the homogenizer and degassing and deodorizing plant, useful for removing any air or unpleasant smells from the milk.
The homogenizer reduces and standardizes the particles of liquids to make them stable and to obtain flavour and consistency that is compliant with market requirements

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point Long-life milk.

Reception and storage

The sterilization and UHT treatment (Ultra High Temperature) plant was designed for milk to be kept off the cold chain and with long expiry dates. UHT is a high temperature milk treatment needed to neutralize the bacterial load. Pietribiasi Michelangelo S.r.l. also supplies aseptic tanks also with a cooling circuit for the storage of just treated milk.

Like the pasteurizer, also this plant can be completed with a separator, degasser and homogenizer.
The pasteurizers and UHT plants can be made with a plate or tubular heat exchanger, depending on the features of the product and customers’ requirements.

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point Filling.

It is possible to add a filler to the finished production lines, available with different types of packaging in plastic bottles, glass, cartons and bags.

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