Yoghurt production plants

point Reception, storage and cooling.

To produce yoghurt from fresh milk, Pietribiasi Michelangelo S.r.l. offers its customers raw milk reception and storage equipment, as cooling tanks and litre counter plants, which are needed to define the quantity of product arriving, eliminate any presence of air through de-aeration (with special plant upon request) and cool the milk through plate coolers. The company also supplies storage tanks that are needed to maintain the product until processing time.


point Milk powder recombination.

Milk powder recombination

For the production of yoghurt from powdered milk, the company supplies recombination plants of all capacities.

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point Complete pasteurization line.

After reception, storage and cooling, the milk must be pasteurized and homogenized, which for yoghurt and fermented products, is treated at special temperatures and times.
Upon the customer’s request, the pasteurization plant can be connected to a centrifugal separator or skimmer, enabling milk titration according to requirements, and a degasser for removing any air or unpleasant smells from the product.


point Fermentation.

he product must age in the following phases.
For this procedure, the company produces fermentation tanks, or ageing tanks, with a heating and/or cooling circuit, to control the temperature according to the product (yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, kefir and cream).
Pietribiasi Michelangelo S.r.l., also supplies various types of mixers and eventual plate coolers, to quickly cool the product and package it in a short time.
For small-scale production, batch pasteurizers are available, where pasteurization and fermentation occur in the same tank.

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point Packaging.

Upon request, the company completes the production line with packaging machines for yoghurt in bottles and/or pots.

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