Butter production plants.

Pietribiasi Michelangelo S.r.l. has always manufactured equipment for butter production.
Among its main machines are the churns of varying capacities and the forming machines that can be customized in size.

point Raw material preparation.

For a favourable churning condition, the cream must reach a certain temperature and a suitable acidity level: the company also designs and produces cream pasteurization and maturation plants for this purpose.


How is butter made?

To reach the ideal buttermaking conditions, the cream is pasteurized, cooled and left to mature until it reaches the correct consistency and acidity.
At this point, churning takes place; the cold mechanical shaking of the cream to practically eliminate the residual water.

How is butter made

point The churns.

Stainless steel churns

These machines, once operated manually, are used for the buttermaking.
The churn is made of a stainless steel barrel into which the milk cream to be processed is put, and of special devices to beat it to the correct temperature and acidity. Depending on the quantity of cream to be processed, several models are available with mechanical or electromechanical drive.

point The forming machines.

butter forming machine

Pietribiasi Michelangelo S.r.l. produces semiautomatic forming machines to form the blocks.
Much used in the dairy industry, the forming machine is ideal for cutting the blocks of butter into the required shape and weight.

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